You, Too, Can Get Into Med School

U.Va.’s School of Medicine is hosting its 17th annual “Mini-Med School” this fall, and is now taking applications.

You probably will not receive a major boost in pay for graduating, but then again, there is no tuition, so there won’t be any of those pesky loans to repay.

The course “brings an abridged version of medical school to participating community members,” according to an announcement. It’s open to just about anyone high school-aged or older.

Here’s a more thorough description:

During the 7 week program enthusiastic UVa faculty members, with assistance from current medical students, will lead the group in exploration of a wide range of topics in medical education. Participants will experience such integral parts of medical school as match day, research labs, patient interviews, and more. Mini-Med will provide a behind the scenes look at the training of those we entrust with our health, a greater sense of health literacy, and forge new connections between the health system and our community. Mini-Med will also feature entertainment provided by our talented medical students. There is no cost to participate and while participants will not leave Mini-Med School with a medical degree they will leave with knowledge, resources, and a certificate of attendance.

The course does fill up. The application deadline is July 27, and if oversubscribed, there will be a lottery for seats. You can find an application here.

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