We Think You’d Agree, the World Needs More ‘Reason’

wgrlogoAwhile back, we posted about how the award-winning, nationally syndicated “BackStory with the American History Guys” public radio program was taking off.

Now its sister program at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, “With Good Reason,” is getting its own boost. Beginning Thursday, the weekly public radio show — which highlights the research and scholarship of faculty in Virginia’s colleges and universities — will be doubling in length, to an hour.

Among host Sarah McConnell’s guests in the first 60-minute program will be U.Va. mathematics professor Christian Gromoll, who will discuss his research into the social behavior of bee colonies. (Read more about this episode here.)

The show airs at various times on various stations, and not only in Virginia; it can also be heard in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Alaska, California and Michigan. Click here to find out when and where to hear it in your area. You can also “like” the show’s Facebook page and subscribe to its podcasts.

2 Comments on “We Think You’d Agree, the World Needs More ‘Reason’

  1. Thanks Jeanne!

    We were curious about a beekeeper’s favorite honey recipe. Here’s what Christian loves–Creamed Honey! (The secret is stirring those little crystals that form when honey has been sitting on the shelf too long.)

    Christian’s recipe: He puts a bucket of honey i a little mini-fridge and stirs twice a day with a paint stirrer attached to a drill. Yummy!

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