‘The Humanities in Ferment’ Stirs A Heady Exchange

UVA Today’s Anne Bromley reports:

One distinctive feature of the College of Arts & Sciences’ new humanities institute is its international aspirations – its name is the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures. Director and English professor Michael Levenson, joined by English professor Rita Felski and sociology professor Krishan Kumar, went to Delhi, India this summer to the second conference in the institute’s Global Humanities Initiative. Hosted by partners at Delhi University, the U.Va. faculty members participated in a three-day conference, “The Humanities in Ferment” with colleagues from several European countries, as well as India and the U.S.

In a blog post reflecting on the meeting, Levenson said, “We’re equally committed to a double perspective in what we offer to one another when we meet. On one side we exchange reflections on the conditions and prospects of the humanities. On the other side stand focused presentations on film, politics and philosophy, Gandhi and Joyce, multilingualism and video games, interpretation and civilization.”

The first conference was held at U.Va. in April. The Global Humanities Initiative will hold a series of colloquia on six continents over the next two years.

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