Students To Get the Scoop on Construction

Sometimes it seems like the people who actually have to live with construction on Grounds are the least informed about what’s going on. The eye-catching poster above advertises what should be a great event tonight, put together by U.Va. Student Council: A forum for students to be updated on the projects that are affecting, or will affect, their daily lives.

The lineup of presenters should be able to speak pretty authoritatively:

  • McCormick Road Bridge: Jay Klingel, Director of Operations and Maintenance, Facilities Management Department
  • Rotunda Restoration: Annette Cyphers, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction, Facilities Management Department
  • Newcomb Dining and N2: Dade Van Der Werf, Supervisory Senior Project Manager, Facilities Management Department,
  • New Dorm Construction: Patricia Romer, Director of Plans and Programs, Housing Division
  • UVA BikeShare: Andrew Greene, Sustainability Planner, Office of the University Architect
  • Student Memorial Garden Renovation: Matt Wertman, Student Council Building and Grounds Committee Member
  • Future Projects: Donald Sundgren, Chief Facilities Officer, Facilities Management Department

(Don’t forget to DVR the U.Va. basketball game before you head out.)

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