Student Crafts Image of Lawn Across Seasons


This image of the Lawn, which attracted some attention when it was posted recently, is the handiwork of Patrick Piper, a rising third-year from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Click for a bigger version:


Piper said he was inspired by a normal panoramic shot of the Lawn he saw in the University of Virginia Bookstore and that he tried to recreate the image using his own digital camera. After he started stitching the images together on his computer, he thought it might be worth trying to combine component images taken during different seasons. Piper writes:

Whenever it was a nice day, and a different season, I would stop by the Rotunda on my way back from class, sit down, and take some pictures. After getting three really nice photos of summer, fall, and winter I layered them together, and this is the result.

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