Special Collections Looking Back at the Civil War

As a former history major, your faithful correspondent has enjoyed the daily feature in the Daily Progress on Civil War history. I really should bookmark this site, too: the Special Collections Library‘s “150 Years Ago Today” blog, that retells the story of the Civil War through the writings of soldiers and others, including diaries and letters.

Here’s one entry from today, written by a soldier in a Confederate quartermaster’s unit:

I have regretted that I did not send you a fuller and more
lengthy account of the late battle of Fredericksburg, since you
seem to have been interested in the brief account given.  I’ve
been into town several times since I wrote to you, and witnes-
by my own senses the damage and destruction done
by the vile yankees.  It seemed incredible to me upon the
affirmation of others, but I can truly state that they
did not relate the half.  Words are too inadequate to
give a just and accurate account of all of their work.  The
most of it was done during the first night after they
came over.  Surely God visited them for it, heavily too,
on the next day.  The battle field was a most horrible sight,
literally covered with dead men and horses.  Although
we have had rain twice or three times, still as you walk
over the battle field you can see the stains of blood
on the ground from their dead and wounded.

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    • It was written in 1863, so it was soon after the battle. Sorry if that was not clear.

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