Snow-nami, Part 2? Charlottesville Outlook Now 7-10 Inches

A report from UVA Today friend Elizabeth Wilkerson:

Jerry Stenger, director of the U.Va. climatology office, predicted late Saturday morning that the snow would end Sunday morning with a total accumulation of 7 to 10 inches in Charlottesville. At 8 a.m., he said, McCormick Observatory measured 2.6 inches of snow, with a water equivalent of 0.20 inches.

“I’m expecting a rather high snow-to-water ratio — at least 12:1 instead of the typical 10:1 here — so it’ll be a ‘fluffier’ snow,” Stenger said.

“One big concern now is that the temperatures may not get much above 20 degrees all day, and that’s the point at which most of the road salts in use start to lose effectiveness. After sunset, the temperatures will fall into the teens — maybe single digits by sunrise Sunday.

“As an aside,” he added, “the City of Charlottesville has announced that it is using chemicals which work well down to about 0 degrees.”

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