Sabato Lands Spot Among ‘Most Influential Virginians’

(UPDATED, March 15, 11:48 p.m., to add George Martin to “On the Move” list)

Earlier this month, Virginia Business magazine published its list of the 50 most influential Virginians. It excluded politicians and college presidents — “Of course, these people are influential, but there are so many of them, they would have dominated a list of 50,” the authors explained — so what remained were largely philanthropists, lawyers and titans of industry.

And two college professors.

One is George Mason University economist Stephen Fuller, who direct’s the school’s Center for Regional Analysis.

The other? U.Va.’s own oft-quoted pundit Larry Sabato (pictured), politics professor and director of the U.Va. Center for Politics, one of a handful on the list whose entries were expanded and spotlighted.

“When this political commentator speaks, the nation listens,” Virginia Business writes. The authors go on to cite the accuracy of Sabato’s political prognosticating, his gifts to the University and the many books he has written.

There are several others with U.Va. ties on the list, including current Board of Visitors members William H. Goodwin Jr. (president and chairman, CCA Industries Inc.), Bobbie G. Kilberg (president and CEO, Northern Virginia Technology Council) and Vincent Mastracco (partner, Kaufman and Canoles); former BOV members Tom Farrell (chairman, CEO and president of Dominion Resources, who also served a term as rector), Heywood Fralin (chairman, Medical Facilities of America), Sheila Johnson (CEO and founder, Salamander Hotels & Resorts) and Warren Thompson (president and chairman, Thompson Hospitality); plus Virginia Beach philanthropist Jane Batten, a generous supporter of the University.

Two current board members,Vice Rector George Martin (managing partner, McGuireWoods) and Victoria Harker (CFO, Gannett), are listed among 30 Virginians “on the move.”

There are likely several alumni on the list, as well, though we didn’t check.

Is there anyone you think is missing? Do you care to dispute any of Virginia Business’ selections? Feel free to share your thoughts.

2 Comments on “Sabato Lands Spot Among ‘Most Influential Virginians’

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  2. Larry Sabato is a remarkable combo of insight, consistency and integrity, in a world that shows little appreciation for those qualities. The University is fortunate to have him in the role he plays on Jefferson’s Grounds. So is our state, where political leaders now so frequently have feet of clay and hands open for dollars. If Larry were on the wobbly board of visitors, he would convince the nay-sayers that voting faculty representation could be a good thing…even Jeffersonian.

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