Reopening the Debate on Honor

Every generation of U.Va. students, it seems, must wrestle for themselves with the concept of honor — what does it mean? How does it apply to present times? Is the Honor System still relevant? The debates, it is generally agreed, are an essential part of a U.Va. education.

Now a truly new debate has begun. On Sunday, the U.Va. Honor Committee endorsed a new proposal that will go before the student body for a vote Feb. 25-28. The proposed change introduces a new concept,the “informed retraction,” and calls for elected juries to replace random juries.

U.Va. Magazine has put together a special issue on the proposal, with an article explaining the proposal and the background leading up to it, and an info-graphic that offers further explanation. (There’s also a link to a 2008 article tracing “The Evolution of Honor.”) The magazine invites readers to discuss the proposal in its Alumni Forum, though thus far the most vigorous conversations seems to be happening in comments on the original articles.

Let the debates begin.

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