Random Acts of Kindness During Finals at U.Va.

It’s finals time, which means the libraries are packed at U.Va. A group of students recently decided to distribute some goodwill – and cookies – in the McGregor Room in Alderman Library. They captured the project in this video:

The project was the work of fourth-year student Danisch Malik, third-year student Intesar Tariq and fourth-year student Faiq Malik. Here’s what Danisch had to say about why they decided to do it:

Inspired by Shawn Achor’s TED talk on “The Happy Secret to Work,” we challenged ourselves to do at least one random act of kindness for 21 days. For day one, we decided to give all the students on our floor of the library at the University of Virginia hot and fresh cookies to keep them going during finals week. We hoped that this would create a trend that other students would follow, thus creating a snowball effect. As U.Va. is a close community, there are lots of opportunities to get closer to the students and start new traditions. If this trend is going to start anywhere it should be at U.Va.

Although we could not afford to feed everyone at Alderman Library, we were able to pull together enough money to feed everyone in the McGregor room. The McGregor room is a place that has become a second home to me as its environment fits my personality perfectly. I appreciate the fact that the McGregor room is comfortable, while quiet yet busy. This has allowed me to flourish in my studies.

9 Comments on “Random Acts of Kindness During Finals at U.Va.

  1. Wow, these guys surely made my day. I was down in the dumps. Stressed out about life as well as my finals. Luckily, these three gentlemen came over with a cookie and a smile. At that moment I knew, I knew everything will be okay.

    Thank you!!

  2. Wow, we need people like these guys at every school in the country. Great gesture by those fellas.

  3. Science + Kindness + Action = Outside the Box the UVA way.
    Hope the “Go get an A” guys get cookies and A’s this year too!

  4. I know I could have used a cookie way back when (I’m an alumnus: College ’71; Darden ’78). Way to go, guys!

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  6. awesome job guys ! your video brought tears to my eyes… way back when I was in college, some professors brought cookies & hot chocolate to the freshman dorms during the first round of exams, & a tutoring session for the basic freshman stuff, ( chem , bio, calc) if it was wanted. every little thing helps!

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