Photos: The Architecture School Treks Up US 29

Students in the School of Architecture got an up-close look at U.S. 29 earlier this week.

About 300 A-School students walked miles along the highway on Monday as part of a school-wide exercise – no pun intended – to better understand urban sprawl.

The event was part of the school’s third annual Vortex workshop, in which students study a local development issue. This year, teams of students will develop hypothetical redesigns of the highway corridor.  

The walk started at Culbreth Theatre and continued several miles north to the Rivanna River, and was designed to challenge students imagine what the stretch of highway might look like in 2029 and beyond.

Charlottesville Tomorrow covered the Vortex kick-off and the walk, as did NBC29.  University photographer Sanjay Suchak also went along and took these photos. Click for bigger versions:

Architecture_School_Walk_Up_29_01_MR_SS Architecture_School_Walk_Up_29_05_MR_SS Architecture_School_Walk_Up_29_06_MR_SS Architecture_School_Walk_Up_29_09_MR_SS Architecture_School_Walk_Up_29_12_MR_SS Architecture_School_Walk_Up_29_14_MR_SS Architecture_School_Walk_Up_29_15_MR_SS Architecture_School_Walk_Up_29_16_MR_SS

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