MV Explorer Pays Tribute to Casey Schulman

The UVA Today article on the tragic death of fourth-year student Casey Schulman posted earlier today makes reference to the memorial service held last night about the MV Explorer, the ship that ferried Schulman and her Semester at Sea classmates around the world this fall.

Specifically, it said that an account of the memorial service would be posted on the ship’s blog, “News From the Helm.” That heart-rending posting is now online.

It includes a link to to bulletin for the memorial service. We’ve often heard that the MV Explorer community becomes very close-knit during its voyages, and the bulletin demonstrates that. Besides Casey’s U.Va. roommate, Katie Dorset, speakers and singers at the service represented Bentley University, the University of Massachusetts-Boston, the University of San Diego, Vanderbilt University, the University of Iowa, George Mason University, Western Illinois University and Shenandoah University. Quite a tribute to both Casey and the program itself.

The post also includes a beautiful, poignant photo (reposted above) of Schulman at the ship’s rail.

There will be a second ceremony tomorrow about the Explorer. According to Michael Zoll of the Institute for Shipboard Education, which runs the semester at Sea program under U.Va.’s academic sponsorship, “Tuesday has been reserved as a Reflection Day, when a traditional maritime ceremony will be performed. The captain will navigate the ship in three full circles at sea, a short ceremony will take place, and shipmates will place flowers in the ocean.”

One Comment on “MV Explorer Pays Tribute to Casey Schulman

  1. As a mother, the idea of losing a child is unfathomable. I wish the Schulmans solace and peace, but know it will take time. Our family is praying for them, for her sea mates and friends–for anyone who was touched by this young woman’s grace and talent.

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