Mortarboards of the Class of 2013

Among the many impressive images from Final Exercises this weekend were photographs of mortarboards decorated by members of the Class of 2013.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest written record of the term “mortarboard” (as it applies to graduation hats, anyway) came in 1854 in “The Further Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, An Oxford Under-Graduate” by Cuthbert Bede.

In it, the author describes the mortarboard as an “academical cap,” a term we suspect Mr. Jefferson would have approved of. So here’s a look at the academical caps worn at the Academical Village during Final Exercises 2013. Click for bigger versions.

Any favorites?

Graduation_2013_JI_1032 Graduation_2013_JI_1050 Graduation_Mortarboards_01Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_02Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_03Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_04Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_05Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_06Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_07Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_08Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_09Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_10Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_11Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_12Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_13Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_14Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_15Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_16Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_17Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_18Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_19Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_20Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_21Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_22Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_23Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_24Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_25Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_26Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_27Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_28Web_CG Graduation_Mortarboards_29Web_CG

(Photos: Cole Geddy and Justin Ide)




3 Comments on “Mortarboards of the Class of 2013

  1. Wow…and I thought writing “Thanks Mom & Dad” was creative. Some of these are amazing! The pediatric nurse one is great!

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