Men’s Four-Miler To Finish in Scott Stadium June 19

The Charlottesville Men’s Four-Miler has long been a sort of tag-along little brother of the hugely successful Women’s Four-Miler. The women’s race draws thousands of entrants to run (or walk) the Garth Road course every Labor Day weekend, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the U.Va. Breast Care Program.

By contrast, the men’s race used to be held on an often bitterly cold morning in December, drawing a few hundred men out to Free Union.

In an effort to raise the profile of the men’s race, organizers have shifted the date and site. Beginning this year, the race will be held on the morning of Father’s Day, June 19, and will finish at the 50-yard line at Scott Stadium.

Founded in 2004, by U.Va.’s Department of Urology, the race’s primary purpose is to encourage men in the community to become more physically active and to take a proactive role in managing their health. Funds raised by the race will go toward the development of the Virginia Men’s Health Improvement and Performance Initiative at U.Va.

As with the women’s race, Mark Lorenzoni of Ragged Mountain Running Shop has organized a training program designed to take men “from zero to hero” in 11 weeks. A few dozen aspiring racers, including your humble blogger, as well as some more established runners seeking to improve their times have been gathering for Saturday morning training runs at Charlottesville High School.

To learn more or to register for the race, visit the website.

One Comment on “Men’s Four-Miler To Finish in Scott Stadium June 19

  1. I am sooo excited about this run!! Im new to running but i have really come to love it for many reasons. Ive lost about 52lbs to date and i feel soo good!! Can’t wait to run through that tunnel and celebrate on the 50 yard line!!! Wahoo Wah!!!!!!!!!

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