Levenson: Back from China, Forward to the Cosmopolis

Amid continuing discussions about the state of the humanities in higher education, English professor Michael Levenson – the William B. Christian Professor in the College of Arts & Sciences – recently wrote about his experience as part of an international effort celebrating their value.

Levenson posted a blog entry describing his trip to the University of Nanjing in China for the third Global Humanities Initiative international conference. U.Va. hosted the first such conference in 2012 and will host another during the fall semester. Levenson described the experience:

We had talks on Chinese opera and Indian refugees, on Confucius and Max Weber, on gardens and tents, happiness and empathy. And that was just before tea.

The group photo … is a visual sign of what’s happened in these fifteen months: the standing together, shyly but proudly, the sense of resolve and the sense of humor, the desire both to dwell among the rigor of ideas and then to carry thought into the imperfect world.

Read the entire entry at the Institute of the Humanities & Global Cultures blog.


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