Law Student Works on Trial of War Leader at the Hague

Kendra Wergin, a rising second-year UVA Law student, is interning at The Hague.

U.Va. law student Kendra Wergin is working this summer as an intern at the Hague with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Wergin talks about what it’s like to attend the trial of Ratko Mladić, the leader of the Bosnian Serb army accused of genocide and war crimes. Despite the difficult topic, she writes about what she is learning, from working with a survivor of the war to preparing evidence for the case. Read her “Postcard from Abroad” here.

Wergin said she is enjoying getting to know an international group of dedicated people also working at the Hague, as well as traveling.

“Despite our differences of ethnicity, nationality, religion, language and everything else,” Wergin writes, “we can still form friendships and appreciate each other. It’s an important reminder while prosecuting the people who waged war against their countrymen for precisely these differences.”

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