Introducing … Calder Cam!

There’s a new webcam on Grounds, and it’s trained on Tripes.

Tripes is the big, black metallic sculpture — technically called a “stabile” — in front of Peabody Hall. It was created by renowned American sculptor Alexander Calder. One of its points of interest is how its appearance changes in different atmospheric conditions — light, weather and seasons — as well as when approached from different directions.

“Our hope is to use this as an additional platform for engagement with the sculpture,” said Lindsey Turner, Arts in Action coordinator. “We want to encourage people to view the sculpture online at different times of day to observe the sculpture in different lights.”

There’s also a place for viewers to post comments, which will be moderated.

If you’re not so artistically inclined, you can check out the traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) on McCormick Road.

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