Incoming Student Uses Gap Year to Serve the World

We came across a rather interesting blog the other day. Grace Muth is taking a “gap year” before joining the incoming class of Echols Scholars in the fall. She’s spending the time engaged in real service — first, teaching young students in Tanzania for three months, now working for two months in New Delhi in the organization founded by Mother Teresa, and later heading to Bangkok to teach conversational English to Buddhist monks.

She’s blogging about her adventures; her writing is often an evocative series of vivid images, described originally. Here are some of her thoughts in anticipation of making the transition from her gap-year life to life on Grounds:

I try to imagine college, with designer bracelets and designer clothes and groomed people and essays and textbooks, and hot dorms and cold dorms and sororities and rush and living in America.

Where will I fall, when the cliche pieces topple from the Himalayas into the little town of Charlottesville, from the dirty traffic whizzing three inches from my elbow. From the wide and wise sky of Africa, from the tomb standing for thousands of years watching the birth of an overpopulated nation building tiny fires at her base, into buildings of brick and columns, into art studios with track lighting, into manicured lawns.

Where will I land?

I haven’t read all of her posts, but I commend the blog to your attention.

(And yes, for close readers, Grace is the daughter of Parke Muth, associate dean of admissions.)

4 Comments on “Incoming Student Uses Gap Year to Serve the World

  1. Thank you for sharing! I have read several entries and I can certainly say that I LOVE her blog – such amazing stories and the way she writes makes me feel like I am with her along the way. UVA is lucky to have her…

    proud to be a ‘hoo

  2. So good to see someone taking a gap year. I think more Americans should consider this option! However, is Parke Muth still the associate dean of admissions? I remember hearing a while back that he had left/was asked to leave. I’m confused.

    • Park is still with the University through the end of June. We at UVA Today headquarters are going to miss him!

  3. I had the honor of knowing Grace as a young child. She is so pure of heart and spirit I know she will impact everyone she comes in contact with. Students like this make me so proud of the University of VA. But then again–Grace is special. God Bless and keep her and bring her to our great university in the fall.

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