In Election Year, Sabato Insights Go Beyond Sound Bytes

Where, oh where, can one go to find political insight from Larry Sabato?

Admittedly, that was a little tongue-in-cheek. Sabato, U.Va.’s oft-quoted master of all things political, is on the collective speed dial of the nation’s political journalists, and will only become more ubiquitous as the presidential election draws closer. He is THE master of the sound byte.

But if that’s all you know of Sabato, you’re missing out. With contributions from his colleagues at U.Va.’s Center for Politics and respected observers nationwide, Sabato produces a weekly political essay, “Sabato’s Crystal Ball.” Available online and via email, the Crystal Ball goes well beyond sound bytes and offers serious, up-to-date analysis of the political scene.

This week’s edition explains why things will likely get worse for Mitt Romney’s Republican challengers before they get better. The Crystal Ball is also taking on Congressional and gubernatorial races; a recent edition, penned by the center’s Kyle Kondik, explains why an anti-incumbency wave is unlikely to hit Congress, despite widespread popular dismay.

New this year is a series of Sabato videos that go well beyond the 10-second clips you normally see on the news. Here’s the latest one, from just after Super Tuesday:


One Comment on “In Election Year, Sabato Insights Go Beyond Sound Bytes

  1. Go Larry! Great new election tool. Can’t wait to see others. Keep it up.

    As for the “Tongue in cheek”??? reference…You all should be very proud of how he represents our University. One of the VERY few positive images UVA has out there these days.

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