In 2000, Andy Rooney Gave the Valedictory Address at U.Va.

Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney makes his final appearance on "60 Minutes."

Andy Rooney, the famed essayist of 60 Minutes who died Friday night, was U.Va.’s Valediction Speaker on May 20, 2000. His speech is classic Rooney — a little cranky, a little pessimistic, but containing lots of good advice and insightful gems.

I liked that he began his remarks on a surprisingly optimistic note:

I suppose the single most important thing I’d like to say in case there’s any doubt in the minds of you graduating people is how good life can be. There’re some really terrible moments ahead of you all, but life all and all is spectacularly good and if this were not so, none of us my age and older would be so desperately trying to fend off our impending demise.

You can read his whole speech here.

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