Hullabahoos Gone Hollywood

It’s been a busy time for the Hullabahoos, the U.Va. a cappella group that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Just as they began their fall break tour in the Northeast, the movie they appear in, “Pitch Perfect,” opened to largely positive Hullabahoos logoreviews and healthy box office ($26 million and counting). They are performing their fall concerts this weekend in McLeod Hall, and on Oct. 25 you’ll see some of them in an episode of “The Office” on NBC. More on that later.

(In other news from the world of a cappella, the Sil’hooettes, one of U.Va.’s women’s ensembles, was recently feted by USA Today as one of the top five college groups in the country. Quite the year for collegiate a cappella at U.Va., to be sure.)

When last we talked to Sanford Williams, a fourth year biology major who as a third-year was president of the Hullabahoos, the group had just returned from Baton Rouge and the filming of “Pitch Perfect.” Of course, at the time, they couldn’t be sure they wouldn’t be left on the cutting room floor.

Here’s an update from Sanford:

When did you first see the movie?

We all saw it together in Norwalk, Conn., on Saturday afternoon. We were really excited to see it. We cheered pretty loudly. Some people recognized us right afterward and took photos. It was the experience of a lifetime!

What part of the movie are you in?

We’re really close to the end of the movie when the girl group, the Bellas, is competing with the Treblemakers at the International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella. We recorded a song “The Final Countdown”; they show various groups competing in the finals and they play our song over their performances.

Robes or regular clothes?

We wore the same thing we wear at concerts, including robes. We’re identified in the movies as the Hullabahoos from the University of Virginia.

Did you do anything else special to celebrate the movie?

Just seeing it with the guys is a celebration in itself.

Who have you heard from?

All of our alumni have been going crazy. One of our members, T.J. Potter [a second-year engineering student] was contacted by his hometown newspaper in Delaware and they did a story. Entertainment Weekly did an interview. We’ve been contacted by a lot of various people, and our parents are really excited for us.

And you’re going to be in an episode of “The Office”?

Halsted Sullivan [College, ’89], a founder, is currently the executive producer of “The Office.” When they had an opportunity to have an a cappella group on, he contacted us. We sent some audition tapes. Fifteen members went out to Hollywood. The episode will air Oct. 25.

Anything else?

It’s been an awesome ride, to be part of all these amazing things in our last year. I’ll take this with me the rest of my life, and I can show the movie to my grandchildren!

By the way, here’s the trailer:

One Comment on “Hullabahoos Gone Hollywood

  1. We saw the movie and KNEW it was OUR Hullabahoos!
    My family and I are big fans– Congratulations!

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