Green Tip: E-Cycling Has Little to Do With Exercise

Ever wonder about what to do with unwanted electronic devices? UVA Sustainability’s November Green Tip gives you the inside scoop on electronic recycling (e-cycling) at U.Va.  

Did you know that the average American household owns approximately 24 electronic products? That is 2,741,663,904 electronic devices in the U.S. that could end up in landfills unless properly recycled.

To keep these materials out of landfills, UVA Recycling has created an extensive “E-cycling” program to reduce waste and conserve resources. For convenience, UVA Recycling provides eight  e-cycling receptacles (listed here) across Grounds. To recycle electronics in an office, simply  label a box with “e-cycling” and place inside your recycling office area for the UVA Recycling staff to collect.

If you’re unsure about an item, simply call UVA Recycling at 982-5050 for guidance.

To recycle your household electronics, click here.


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