Forum Seeks Your Thoughts on WTJU

U.Va.’s Public Affairs division, which is charged with keeping the WTJU radio station alive, has launched a new website to gather feedback.

Clearly, changes are on the way. The site advises, “We are at a juncture in the life of 53-year-old WTJU where change is needed in order to build listenership, student involvement and revenue. This is your invitation to help shape the station.”

The online forum will remain open until July 23. If face-to-face communication is more your style, there will be a town hall meeting on July 12 from 5:50 to 6:30 p.m. in U.Va.’s Zehmer Hall.

3 Comments on “Forum Seeks Your Thoughts on WTJU

  1. I love WTJU. I love that the DJs have complete freedom. I would like to see WTJU stay the same.

  2. I love WTJU as it is with independent DJs. Part of the reason that Charlottesville has so many good bands is that WTJU has provided a wide array of music over the years, and local musicians carry a lot of variety in their heads. Without WTJU, we’d be another boring town full of bad heavy metal and classic rock bands. Without WTJU, our town’s sonic vocabulary will shrink.

  3. For me the radio is like a window on the world. Through it I can enjoy music from all over the world, from old to modern, and it is “live” in the sense that I never know what is coming next. Repetition and predictability just deaden the experience. I don’t want to hear the same music over and over again. I want to listen to music I have never heard before. Don’t let WTJU die.

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