Faces of the Rotunda: 1819-Present


For fans of U.Va. history, there’s a lot to like in a new website on the latest stage of the Rotunda renovations.

One of our favorite elements uses images from U.Va.’s Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library to show how the University’s most-photographed building has evolved, beginning with Thomas Jefferson’s original 1819 architectural drawing.


Check out the full site for more on the Rotunda’s renovation and history.

2 Comments on “Faces of the Rotunda: 1819-Present

  1. WONDERFUL Photographs!!!
    VERY exciting to see!!
    and thanks!!!

  2. Such a beautiful face… can’t get enough of it!
    Wish we could petition, or somehow convince, The Powers That Be to let the copper dome of The Rotunda naturally oxidize, and simply clear seal it, rather than covering it with white paint, which will make it disappear into the clouds.

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