Examining the Role of Liberal Arts at Research Institution

UVA Today’s Rebecca Arrington reports:

Six faculty members from across Grounds gathered in Newcomb Hall Theater on Feb. 26 to share their thoughts on the role of liberal arts at a research institution. Student Council sponsored the event, called “Ed(You)Cation: Liberal Arts at a Research Institution.” (Check out the “fun” promo here.)

To see what McIntire School of Commerce Dean Carl Zeithaml, associate vice president for research and associate professor of architecture Bill Sherman, Curry School of Education professor Ellie Wilson, School of Engineering and Applied Science professor Robert Kelly, College of Arts & Sciencesbiology professor Claire Cronmiller and Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy professor Eric Patashnik had to say, along with student audience members, watch the video after the break. (There’s a table of contents in case you don’t have time to watch it in its entirety).

After the event, Student Council President Johnny Vroom wrote in an email that he thought the discussion was “extremely thought-provoking. It was great to have representatives from many different areas of study commenting on the liberal arts. They highlighted the ways in which education is changing and how U.Va. is evolving to keep up with that change.”

Said second-year College student Sky Miller, co-chair of Student Council’s Academic Affairs Committee, “I found that one strong thread of the discussion was the professors’ agreement on the importance of both liberal arts and research to an individual’s education. The professors emphasized that the University offers a unique environment where students can study the liberal arts while still functioning in a larger research environment.

“Students at the event asked questions ranging from to how to find opportunities in both areas, how to walk the line between specialization and the ‘well-rounded’ education, and how students might approach problems they find with the current dynamic between liberal arts and research.”

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