Don’t Tell Darlings to release second CD on Sept. 23

Camilla Ammirati in purple. Photo by Susanna Rosen

Contrary to their name, the “Don’t Tell Darlings” have a lot to say, especially with U.Va. English doctoral candidate Camilla Ammirati’s original songs. She joins Megan Rose Orwig on harmony vocals, and with two other guys backing them up, the band will introduce their new CD, “Sugar for Sugar,” on Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. at the Blue Moon Diner on Charlottesville’s Main Street.

The music clip included here is “Blue Moon Special” which Ammirati wrote to pay tribute to this regular venue. She said a friend and fellow musician asked her for directions to the diner, and when she started telling him, “Go on past the Corner, keep on going past the station and the old Bluebird Cafe…” he said it sounded like a song. “Sure enough, not long after that, it became one in my mind. Or, you know, a reworked version of it,” said Ammirati, who plays banjo and has been playing music and singing since she toddled off to preschool.

As the group’s website  describes them, “The Don’t Tell Darlings draw their music from a deep well of old-time, bluegrass, Western swing and early country, along with a healthy dose of Ms. Millie’s fine originals. Defying genres, their music can only be described as ‘a Depression-era mix tape.’ Megan and Millie’s honey-sweet harmonies meet with Old Man Kelly’s fiddle on fire and Lew Burrus’ bass-thumping rhythm for a classic old-time instrumentation that is anything but traditional.”

Ammirati says her songwriting and her studies definitely inform each other. “All the reading and writing I’ve done – in school and out – have made me accustomed to thinking about how much particular words matter, how they go together, and how songs or lines from songs, much like novels or other literary forms, talk to each other over time. Also, I work on intersections of ‘high’ and ‘pop’ culture in early 20th-century American literature and music, so it’s not uncommon for my literary research to overlap with my musical interests, and for what I’m learning about in one area to enrich my understanding of the other.”

Now that’s something to sing about.

3 Comments on “Don’t Tell Darlings to release second CD on Sept. 23

  1. can’t wait for Virginia CD to reach New York; come on USMail. You go, Darlings.

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