Cruising the U.Va. Blogosphere

It’s a sort of bleak-looking Monday, and the blog is crying out for a post, so I decided to cruise the Wahoo blogosphere and find out what’s happening.

• As one might imagine, it’s a fairly stressful time on Grounds. Fall semester classes ended Friday, and final exams started today. Over at the “Notes from Peabody” admissions blog, there is evidence of further stress: Early-action applicants eagerly awaiting word of their fate. Dean J is counseling patience; decisions will not be announced until Jan. 31 (or maybe a few days earlier).

• Speaking of stress, the “up close and personal with a UVA student” blog hasn’t had a fresh post since Nov. 22. Sign of the end(-of-semester) times? That’s certainly understandable.

• Darden dean Robert Bruner is a very active blogger. On Saturday, he posted his holiday reading tips — not just what to read (he has 14 books to recommend, which should take you well into next year), but how and why to read. Good stuff.

• Here’s a new one to me : “More Us,” the official blog of the Alfred J. Morris (more-us — get it?) Law Library. Looks pretty lively. Most recently, they are reminding students that sleep is a good thing, even (especially) during exams.

• Finally, over at Madison House, there’s a nice late-November meditation on gratitude.

This is just a sampling of U.Va. blogs, which are numerous and vary greatly in degree of freshness. You can check out our blog roll here.

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