Couric’s Commencement Speech Now Online

In case you missed it yesterday, or were sitting too far away, here’s Katie Couric’s address from yesterday’s Final Exercises:

8 Comments on “Couric’s Commencement Speech Now Online

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    • Superinfidel: I approved your comment in the interest of a free exchange of ideas, though it is doggone near libel — I’m sure Katie can handle it, and has been called worse. However, it would be helpful to cite what passage specifically you feel was plagiarized. If it was the Linda Ronstadt lyrics, Katie did mention her as the source.

  3. We had quite an entourage attending the graduation and everyone was unanimous in their assessment that Katie Couric’s commencement address was absolutely wonderful.

  4. I also felt Ms. Couric’s commencement address was wonderful. She spoke to her target audience, the students. Her advice was sound (loved the “tough love” parts), there was plenty of references to the University that the students could appreciate, there was humor, and in the end, good advice (which is a prerequisite for a commencement speech). I thought she was refreshing and I didn’t get bored at all, which has oftentimes been the case at these events.

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