Colbert Gives U.Va. a Little Cheer

Stephen Colbert had higher ed critic Richard Hersh on last night to talk about the new book he co-authored, “We’re Losing Our Minds.” When Hersh cited the University of Virginia as an example of a school doing it right, Colbert responded with a “Wahoowah.” (You may remember that Colbert and his wife, Evelyn, who is a 1985 U.Va. alumna, last year gave a major gift to the University in support of the College Arts Scholars.)

Pick it up at about 4:10 …

6 Comments on “Colbert Gives U.Va. a Little Cheer

  1. college is about getting a job. the problem with todays economy is that too many people go to college and it doesnt prepare them for a job. they just get more and more in debt.

  2. Education is about SO much more than getting a job. For those that feel this is untrue, there are always the “colleges” in your local office park. Keep learning.

  3. I think Hersh has it right. I’ve taken Anthropology, Sociology, Buddhism, History of rock music, etc, and I have also taken all of my Pre-Med and major requirements. While my major is preparing me for a job (and it is something I enjoy), it’s those random, yet challenging courses that are really changing my world view. I’m a much happier person for it.

  4. “thisguys anMcidiot” can always get a McJob at a McDonalds. Education is about an enriched life – Its a poor man who has nothing but money.

  5. as a ‘recent’ alum…i have to disagree with anybody who thinks that college is about finding employment (i could have been a teaching pro right after i finished my high school tennis career)…but i chose to go to the university to become a better reader/writer/thinker/speaker — and then i taught tennis for more than a decade! it’s tough to get around the debt issue, but one gets for what one pays

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