Bracing for the U2 Concert

Rumor has it that there is some sort of Irish music group coming to Scott Stadium next week.

Not sure how Riverdance will sell out a 60,000-seat stadium, but …

OK, OK, just kidding. U2 is headed for Charlottesville for a big show on Thursday. In fact, they’re already setting up a stage that apparently requires some 102 tractor-trailer loads of stuff be hauled in.

Such a large undertaking requires a lot of accommodations, particularly on a weekday. The U.Va. Department of Parking and Transportation has the lowdown on the parking situation, road closures and bus schedules.

(A word to the wise: I would avoid the area around JPA and West Main like the plague before and after the show.)

2 Comments on “Bracing for the U2 Concert

  1. Two questions…does anyone know what time U2 will go on? I know Muse is scheduled for 7. Also, what is the closest stop to the stadium for the rerouted free shuttle?

  2. I was at a concert in Chicago – the opening act (then Snow Patrol) played 7-7:45, and U2 came on at 8:45. hope they come on earlier this time, but it’s well worth the wait

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