Another J-Term To Be Remembered

(From UVA Today reporter Anne Bromley)

In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village, students and professors lived together, dined, learned, ventured and explored together earlier this month – in the Caribbean island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

This January Term course was not just about learning the culture and history of the place, but focused on disaster preparedness and health care. U.Va. students played the parts of patients injured in an action-packed simulation of the collapse of an old hotel, as part of the training of local emergency workers. In addition to that community service, students presented five suitcases full of clean medical supplies to Alexandra Hospital. Twenty-three undergraduates and one graduate student from multidisciplinary backgrounds, including nursing, pre-med, engineering, anthropology, African-American studies, arts, biomedical sciences, joined Dr. Marcus Martin, former chairman of the U.Va. Health System’s Emergency Medicine department, in a program of lectures and lots of field trips.

The group even found out about Thomas Jefferson’s roots: they visited the old home and gravesite of his great-great-great grandfather, Samuel Jefferson, who lived in St. Kitts in the 1600s and is buried there.

Let your mind carry you to warmer climes in these photos from student Elizabeth Wright.

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