Alum’s U.Va.-Based E-Novel Released Wednesday

“The Snows of Rugby Road,” an e-book written by 1959 U.Va. alumnus Al Cash, was released on Wednesday. It features a cover photo by UVA Today’s very own senior photographer, Dan Addison.

What’s it about?

According to the description on, the story centers on Eddie Lee Tavener, who comes to U.Va. in 1956 leaving behind a dysfunctional home life. He loves two women in his life and loses them both to untimely deaths. The story traces his time from 1956 when he enters U.Va. through bouts of substance abuse, to buying a large farm, to dying alone in a Manhattan apartment in 2006 having reached the conclusion that life is hard and then you die; so live each day to the fullest.

In an email to Addison earlier this week, Cash shared that the book’s “early chapters portray a poignant and wistful love affair centered on the Grounds,” often in the female character’s “little room overlooking Rugby Road just beyond the old PIKA house.”

Cash goes on to write, “if you’ve never been snowed in with a beautiful poetess, lying in front of an old paint-peeled radiator, eating rich vegetable stew and drinking bottles of Beaujolais, you can do so” vicariously through this book.

The Kindle edition was just released Wednesday, according to

2 Comments on “Alum’s U.Va.-Based E-Novel Released Wednesday

  1. Thanks for the splendid publicity for my recent novel, The Snows of Rugby Road; however, the cover photo that you show is from a previous draft and is not Dan Addison’s. If you will go to kindle bookstore ,you will see the correct cover and review.I’m hopeful you can make the change so that Dan’s photo gets proper credit.

    Secondly the conclusion drawn in your review, …”life is hard and should be lived to the fullest.” does not capture the true mind of the protagonist. “Life is random and its real meaning is that it ends,” would be a better fit.

    Again, thank you for featuring the book. I hope it’s not too late to update the article.

    Go ‘Hoos,
    Al Cash

    • Thanks, Mr. Cash. We switched out the photo, although the new one comes with a few extra graphics. I’ll let your comment stand for itself, rather than alter the text at this point.

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