Alum’s Super Bowl Ad Wins $1 Million Prize

We at UVA Today headquarters can now brag: We blogged about Matthew Friedman weeks before he, his brother, an actor friend and Huff the Great Dane found fame and fortune by winning a Super Bowl ad contest.

Matthew Friedman is the 1995 U.Va. Arts & Sciences alum, who, with his brother, entered a commercial for Doritos in the annual “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. Matthew contacted us looking to drum up online votes to get his creation — which he claims to have shot for less than $20 — aired during the Super Bowl broadcast. That effort succeeded, and he won $25,000 and tickets to the game.

That fairy tale would probably have been enough for anyone. Then came even more amazing news: A USA Today panel of experts selected the Friedmans’ ad as the most popular spot to be aired during the game, winning them a cool $1 million.

Read more about the big win here.  And in case you missed it, here’s the winning effort:


8 Comments on “Alum’s Super Bowl Ad Wins $1 Million Prize

  1. This is one of the best superbowl commercials. It was great!Much better than the Elton John commercial or others that cost big bucks. Good job!

  2. His brother Johnathan Friedman, and the actor, Derek Leonidoff were both JMU grads (’94/’97).

    Virginia is really flexing its muscle today.

  3. wahoo wah great job. That proves a lil smarts can make a big bite. And remember you didn’t see anyting. Great day to be a Cav fan.

  4. @Davidson. If you go on JMU’s website, they don’t even mention the fact that Johnathan had a brother.

  5. Thanks for the nice writeup, and the complimentary comments. And no worries about JMU not mentioning me; as the younger brother, I’m used to it! Anyway, I’m very glad I could help continue the tradition of UVA grads representing well at the Doritos ad contest, and I appreciate all the support we got from Hooville!

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