Alumni Offer ‘Sullivan Tie’ To Benefit President’s Fund

GuestofaGuest-D.C., the Washington edition of an upscale society blog, has an interesting item on a unique commemoration of what politics guru Larry Sabato has dubbed “the recent unpleasantness.” It reports that two alumni who run Alton Lane, a high-tech DuPont Circle men’s tailoring business, are offering a unique “Sullivan tie,” in honor of deposed-and-reinstated President Teresa A. Sullivan. ¬†They are pledging to send 100 percent of the profits on sales through this weekend to the President’s Fund for Excellence.

“The phones were ringing quite a bit yesterday,” said Colin Hunter, who co-founded the company with his friend and fellow 2004 alumnus, Peyton Jenkins. Thursdays, they were sending one to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and an unnamed congressman.

Hunter and Jenkins kept close tabs on the events of the past couple of weeks, they said. “As part of the community, you respond as you best can,” Hunter said.

(Alton Lane sounds like an interesting place, too. They use TSA-like body-scan technology to create tailored suits to exact specifications.)

4 Comments on “Alumni Offer ‘Sullivan Tie’ To Benefit President’s Fund

  1. Odd that, since two females were the headliners in the story, no Sullivan scarf is offered!

  2. I like that it’s blue…like Sullivan’s (seaminly) fav suit!

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