A Rundown of U.Va. in the Rankings

A picture showing the Galt statue of Jefferson and the Rotunda in the evening.

You can find a ranking on the Internet for just about everything these days: most influential cats, top vacation spots, even a Buzzfeed list of top Buzzfeed lists.

For higher education, there’s the much-discussed U.S. News and World Report ranking. In addition, U.Va. has fared well in some other recently released rankings on everything from the state of the University’s finances to the city in which it’s located.

Here’s a look at a few, in no particular order:

Happiest City:

A recent study led by Harvard researchers has Charlottesville as the happiest region in the country. Read more in the Guardian.


From Good Housekeeping’s article “And the Happiest City in America Is…”

Best Value:

MONEY ranked U.Va. as No. 16 on its list of universities that offer the best value.

Top College Town:

Travelers Today ranked Charlottesville as the No. 1 college town in the country.

“Indeed, Charlottesville, home of the University of Virginia, does the best job of any city on the list of combining traditional metropolitan interests with the interests of the students who frequent it.”


Top 50 College/University Worldwide:

The Center for World University Rankings ranked U.Va. in the top 50 of colleges/universities out of 1,000 institutions worldwide.

Top Credit Rating:

The Washington Post reported U.Va. as one of only 23 schools to receive the highest credit rating possible from Moody’s.

Top College:

Forbes ranked U.Va. as one of the top 100 colleges in the nation.

Top Unesco World Heritage Site

USAToday ranked U.Va. as one of the top 10 sites in North America on Unesco’s list.

5 Comments on “A Rundown of U.Va. in the Rankings

  1. I was happiest visiting my son in C’Ville for the past 4 years. while sad to see him graduate, I will look forward to UVA & C’Ville visits for years to come !

  2. Ditto! My daughter is Class of ’13 grad. UVA is the best investment I’ve ever made. Her degree has already paid for itself! It paved the way for her to receive a fully funded Scholarship to earn her PHD at Notre Dame! She’s in New Mexico as I speak representing Notre Dame on a joint research project with UVA and other great schools at Chaco Canyon! We’ll continue to have our loyalty to dear ole UVA and we still enjoy our visits to C’ville. Miss seeing her in the Cavalier band at half time, but haven’t stopped renewing our season tickets! Looking forward to the upcoming football season. Doesn’t matter if they win or lose. We’re just proud to be able to continue to support them! And, what an awesome Baseball Team this year!

  3. I hope to visit C’Ville, have not been there in YEARS! Talk about happiest memories I had made, from making a clay brick to sampling TJ’s Monticello summer home, whilst dining at a very exquisite cafeteria. Sure hope the school’s food is on par or better! I wish I can go to school there; my now-late grandmother went to a nursing program. I wonder, how can I get in to UVA-Charlottesville with that fact? Should I…? I don’t like the idea of online classes; they ARE too much cash. Would be a waste to not go to my grandmother’s alma mater. I want to visit the university for the summer. It’s too close to the autumnal semester for a tour. Bummer…

  4. Happiest region may not be such a positive thing. Check out the other regions that are almost as happy – kind of backwards places. And happiness probably means contentment, which may be correlated with lack of ambition or striving.

  5. Uh oh, looks like down here in Florida isn’t looking to good for me, perhaps its time to move back up north? I just don’t know how so many people can be unhappy by the beach!

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