100-Mile Thanksgiving Celebrates Local Food with Cookbook

As we gather at our Thanksgiving banquet tables there will be favorite dishes contributed by family members and friends — a sweet potato casserole from Aunt Sue, an apple pie from Grandma, a brined turkey Uncle Bob prepared.

But, where did all that food really come from?

Since 2006, urban and environmental planning students and faculty in the U.Va. School of Architecture have gathered the week before Thanksgiving to celebrate a 100-Mile Thanksgiving, sharing dishes produced with food sourced within 100 miles of their table.

The annual gathering reflects the department’s teaching about sustainability and creates awareness about where our food comes from and the costs and benefits attached to the decisions we make about our food sources. We first wrote about the event in 2009. You can read about it here.

This year, student organizers have produced “The 100-Mile Cookbook” to share favorite holiday recipes from their pot-luck table. It’s a “tribute to local and seasonal eating,” it says on the cover.

“It has some recipes, a few articles and a big list of local food resources,” Emily Maynard Powell, a graduate planning student ad one of the organizers responsible for the publication, said. “The book came together nicely, and we are really excited about it!”

If you want to purchase a copy to inspire you to eat locally — for Thanksgiving or all year long, contact  Powell at 215-872-6967 or emp8t@virginia.edu.

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